Retro Recording Studios

Retro Recording Studio is a traditional studio, situated in the centre of Chesterfield.

We are based in a small cottage dating from around 1760 , naturally lit with a relaxed homely feel. We have a small private garden offering comfortable seating, a BBQ and a great view of Chesterfield's famous landmark, the crooked spire.

The studio offers traditional analog recording studio techniques, with a custom AMEK/TAC 59 channel console, with the option to record to 2" tape, our 96 track digital system or both.

Equipped with a flat response control room, a fully treated live room and various other acoustic and writing spaces indoors and out.

We have a great collection of vintage outboard and instruments for you to play with, see our gear list!


Our aim is to give you the best recording experience without the clock watching and worrying about the dreaded hourly rate!
We work out a price that is flexible and right for you and your project.
We know how it can feel to spend all your recording budget and still not be happy about the end result, we try our hardest to get you the sound you want.